Tuesday, December 26, 2017

End of year business

A message from Jon Silvermoon:
First of all, I hope everyone had a good year and best of wishes for next year.  Thanks to everyone who helped out with Holiday Market this year.

The following artists have not participated in Holiday Market for several years, and I have had no contact with them for quite some time.  If I have not heard from them by Thursday, December 28th, I will be donating their CDs to charity on Friday.  All told that would be about 125 CDs.  If you know any of these, please feel free to pass this message on to them.

Neil Bjorklund
Cascade Chorus
Flying Canoe
Girl Circus
Edson Oliveira
Renegade Saints
David Rogers
Seretta Shanahan
John Shipe
Soromundi Lesbian Chorus of Eugene

Jon Silvermoon
The Vipers featuring Deb Cleveland

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