Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The E-Lazztic Duo of Mary Schaffler and Joe Ross

Who can't relate to the Jazz, Latin, Broadway Classics from our Great American Songbook!? The E-Lazztic Duo of Mary Schaffler (vocals) and Joe Ross (guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals) offers something for everyone from the eclectic repertoire of the 1920s through today. It's much loved music for dining, dancing, lounging and enjoying at restaurants, lounges, parks, fairs, festivals and special events.

The duo calls themselves "e-lazztic" because of their appreciation for a large, diverse, variety of eclectic music under the jazz umbrella. They emphasize flexibility and elasticity to  entertain and leave audiences with memorable musical experiences. "E-lazztic" also because the duo sounds like a much bigger band by using programmed accompaniment tracks of drums, bass with occasional saxophone or trumpet. "It's a real fun experience for all." says Ross. "Our accompanists are real tight professionals, and they're very dependable, reliable and easy to get along with." Take a twirl through the musical decades with Schaffler and Ross. Like two mint juleps on a foggy night, their relaxing music goes down easily from dusk 'til dawn. 

Check out this video on You Tube that captures some of the variety offered by the Schaffler & Ross Duo, as well as the excitement they generate! Ross also performs regularly as a soloist, such as in these videos featuring his guitar ("What a Wonderful World") and mandolin ("I'm Beginning to See the Light").  

Mary Schaffler’s love of jazz music started in childhood. Both her parents lived through the golden era of jazz and swing of the 30s and 40s. Mary’s mother played Fats Waller and Benny Goodman on the stereo with original 78s. Mary’s former vocal and music instructor, Gayle Caldwell was a gifted songwriter and vocalist with the New Christy Minstrels in the 1960s. Gayle encouraged Mary to perform jazz standards such as Billie Holiday’s “God Bless the Child”. 

Mary has appeared as a guest vocalist with many Northern California jazz artists such as Richard Cooper, Terry Simick, Francis Varnek and Queen Jane. She was lead vocalist for the jazz group “Ain’t Misbehavin” from 2013 to 2014. Mary enjoys singing many different forms of jazz including swing, bossa nova, samba, big band, Latin, tin pan alley and fusion. She feels that singing jazz fuels her desire for self-expression as an individual in a cooperative effort. This open collaboration can be highly rewarding while entertaining the audience. She also currently manages and sings with a 5-piece band called Local Honey. The honeys do a variety of music including western swing, indie rock, classic rock, country rock, jazz and world music.

Blessed with ten thumbs when born in Virginia, many years of practice have paid off for Joe Ross who now dabbles with many instruments. Raised a “military brat” in Japan, his music career started on organ in sixties rock/soul bands in Yokohama. Bluegrass, Celtic and Old-Time music entered his life in the 1970s at the University of Oregon. Over the years, he’s picked up guitar, mandolin, bass, banjo, dulcimer, concertina and ukulele.  He's also branched into Western Swing, Polka, Latin and Jazz Music.

Performing regularly as a soloist, Joe can also be seen with Umpqua Valley Bluegrass Band, Celtic Tradition, Keynotes Polka Band and Alamojo Western Swing Band. His eight albums (available at Amazon and CDBaby) span from Celtic to Bluegrass, Swing to Jazz, Folk to Children's music. He also writes for music magazines and blogs, gives lessons at Absolute Sound & Music (Roseburg), and tells stories. Happily retired in 2010 from his day job supporting the U.S. Marine Corps, Joe now works full-time to share and encourage the “enjoyment, fun and camaraderie of making music together.”

For more information about The "E-Lazztic" Duo of Mary Schaffler and Joe Ross, please call 541-673-9759 (Joe) or 541-404-1505 (Mary). You can also reach them via Joe's Facebook, Mary's Facebook or by e-mailing to rossjoe@hotmail.com or marys42@yahoo.com


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