Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Introducing David Helfand and Justin Lader

David Helfand is a Celtic Harpist and multi-instrumentalist. He performs with an extraordinary violist/violinist named Justin Lader. They perform an eclectic blend of original world music that ranges from Scottish, Celtic, Middle Eastern, Israeli, Asian meditation, flamenco, classical, introspective space music, as well as music inspired by travels to Britain and Israel.   In concert, the duo commonly focuses on a few  genres of music, unless they are requested to highlight a particular stylistic tradition.

Helfand is a  contemporary composer who writes original music for the traditional Celtic Harp, mandocello and guitar.  Lader is a classically trained violist and violinist but has a broad background in world music traditions, improvisation, and composition.  They have performed throughout the West Coast and have had successful concert tours in the Bay area the past three summers.  Helfand and Lader also have led and enjoy teaching workshops on performance practice and composition.

Helfand and Lader have recorded two albums together, “From a Distant Time: Inspirations from the Celtic Lands,” and “After the Rain,” (all original acoustic harp and viola pieces) and have a new album titled, “Through the Portal,” which is a studio produced ‘space music’ opus that will be released in spring 2015.  In addition to the three albums they've recorded together, Helfand has recorded six solo albums of original music including two inspired by journeys to Israel and Britain. He has also been a guest artist at the Eden Project in Cornwall.  


Link here for a sampling of the duo playing "Shimmering Falls" during their 2012 Northern California tour. For more info, check out David Helfand's website and Justin Lader's website

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